Environmental Politics: The Globalization of Quinoa

Although global flows impact Bolivian Quinoa, the post-neoliberal politics of Evo Morales have allowed for a transformative globalization from below.


Herstory: Crossing the MEX-US border (1994-1995)

This project was made for a Geography course taught by Sébastien Caquard in April 2017. Click here (or on the image above) to go directly to the STORY MAP page Herstory: Crossing the MEX-US border (1994-1995) is the story of Leticia, an unemployed journalist from central Mexico who crossed the MEX-US border illegally to work as the … Continue reading Herstory: Crossing the MEX-US border (1994-1995)

Shifting perspectives on ‘studentification’: A multi-disciplinary approach

How does studentification impact urban dynamics? If understood as a demographic disturbance, how does studentification lead to urban restructuring? What is required to build resilient urban systems? What tangible and/or intangible traits determine resilience levels of an enclave? How influential is the role of sociospatial differentiation in this regard?

Why party discipline is bad for Canadian democracy.

Party discipline functions like a glue stick for party cohesion. It not only speeds up and legitimizes party legislation, it also makes the legislative process predictable. High-discipline is a powerful strategic element that can be implemented by party leaders regardless of public disapproval, which brings into question the integrity of Canadian politics altogether.

‘Capitalism: A Love Story’: Is Michael Moore effectively changing minds, or is he simply preaching to the converted?

Is Moore effectively changing minds, or is he simply preaching to the converted? In this essay I argue that although Moore preaches to the converted with reactionary and radical rhetorics, he does so in a way whereby the end product is not only informative and entertaining for the common people of the United States of America, it is also a healthy discourse to have in pop-culture.