Shifting perspectives on ‘studentification’: A multi-disciplinary approach

This essay was written for a course taught by Dr. July A. Podmore in December 2016.

04/2017, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.19080.62721

Description: ‘Studentification’ emerged from media discourses about ‘student ghettos’ in the UK. Conceptualized in the early 2000s as a sociospatial transformation resulting from the expansive development of student housing in university enclaves, it threatens the social, cultural, economic and physical environments of university towns. For this matter, Higher Education (HE) plays a substantial role in the process of studentification. In this paper I explore the role of studentification in urban dynamics, followed by a conversation on studentification and urban resilience. The process of studentification is discussed from a multi-disciplinary approach in order to gain a holistic understanding of difference in the city. How does studentification impact urban dynamics? If understood as a demographic disturbance, how does studentification lead to urban restructuring? What is required to build resilient urban systems? What tangible and/or intangible traits determine resilience levels of an enclave? How influential is the role of sociospatial differentiation in this regard?

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